About Us

Why you should chouce our solutions?

-hundreds of satisfied customers around the world, our parts are used not only in racing cars but also in street cars, drag cars, drift cars and rally cars.

- we have over 15 years of experience in the motorspot, the ADAMAT Performance brand was created out of passion for motorsport and tuning cars. For many years, Adam built his own drift car, which he competed in the Polish Drifting Championships and Drift Open series. He had to design many reinforced parts for his own needs and so the passion for building cars grew to a small production facility. Today, the ADAMAT Performance brand is specialized in the production of high-performance clutches for manual and sequential gearboxes for powerful street cars and for very powerful turbocharged engines used in drifting, racing, rallies, and ¼ mile races. And for 5 years we have been providing solutions for connecting engines with 8HP automatic gearboxes as well as DCT, PDK or DSG / DKG gearboxes.

- thanks to your support through the selection of our products, we are constantly investing in the development of our machine park, we use the latest measurement technologies and engineering software.

- in the measurements we use a modern 3D scanner ATOS GOM which provides us with high measurement accuracy. Maximum volumetric measurement error <0.002mm.

- Our measurement laboratory is also equipped with a mobile 3D laser scanner Zeiss T Scan Hawk 2 with photogrammetry increasing the accuracy of scanning large objects such as a car or an airplane. Maximum allowable volumetric measurement error 0.02mm+0.015mm/m.

-Additionally, our measurement laboratory is equipped with a precise FARO GAUGE ARM with a maximum allowable measurement error of 0.005mm+0.008mm/m. Arm used for quick measurements in the quality control of our products.

- we use legal Dessault System Solid Works Professional engineering software for designing. Regular annual subscriptions ensure that we always operate on the latest version of the software. We also have the appropriate software for reverse engineering where we can turn the mesh obtained from 3D scanners into a solid model.

- We have been awarded for achievements in the field of motorization in the prestigious "Orły Motoracji" program, which proves the high quality of our services and products.

Thousands of customers have trusted us, trust us too!

- in production, we use modern CNC machine tools such as DMG MORI, which are regularly reviewed and serviced. Machining accuracy not worse than 0.01 mm, which, combined with the high-precision measuring devices we use, ensures perfect alignment of gearboxes with the engine.

- for production, we use only the highest quality certified materials, such as special aluminum alloys AlZnMg+Ti with titanium additives for the production of flywheels, which are manufactured only for individual orders. These alloys match the strength of 42CrMo4 steel while reducing the weight of the finished product. Our adapters are made of 7075-T651 aluminum alloy called Fortal. This alloy is practically 3 times stronger than the popular 2017a aluminum. We cooperate with suppliers from the EU and the USA in the supply of strategic materials.

- rotating parts such as flywheels, converter adapters, clutches are dynamically balanced on a modern CIMAT CMT 30 V2 balancing machine. Balancing according to ISO 1940/1 quality grade G 6.3, after balancing, all parts can work at a speed of up to 30,000 rpm.